* LNG Marketplace


LNG Marketplace is a centralized information platform facilitating learning and information finding process regarding Liquid Natural Gas for commercial professionals. The website provides a possibility to listen to podcasts on LNG, book or purchase LNG themed publications, commercial events and courses – all in one place.




NewsBase provides high quality market intelligence to the Energy Sector, ensuring your global team get the right information when they need it. 
Our in depth analysis, insight and foresight goes out to over 36,000 C-suite decision makers in the Energy industry.  Founded in 1995 in Edinburgh, Scotland, it is still run and owned by its founders and staff.  Independent, trusted and with unique insights, it has become an industry “must have”.  
Judge for yourself , visit our website and sign up for a free trial.




InnovOil is a technology-driven, bimonthly digital magazine which provides a platform for sharing innovation, ideas and expertise across the oil and gas sector. NewsBase provides solicited and trusted information to a database of active C- Suite subscribers, meaning you can be sure that your article or advert will be seen and – most importantly – read. With multichannel delivery, digital archives and fully-searchable content, InnovOil offers truly interactive and effective media exposure to oil and gas professionals in over 80 countries. Visit our website and sign up for our newsletter.



QUICK Petroleum Services & Recruitment

QUICK is acknowledged as a leading recruiter and Human Resources agency in the Egyptian market with a business portfolio that includes primarily fulfilling placements of high caliber personnel to clients, both locally as well as overseas in addition to providing a wide range of HR related services to its clients such as manpower surveys, personnel and payroll services.Quick’s main activities include but are not limited to, targeted recruitment, training and development of human resource personnel, real-estate services, Administrative and Technical support services for a diverse client base. Its translation and printing services are to provide cost effective solutions to our clients..Quick has succeeded in publishing and periodically updating the only directory in Egypt that serves the Petroleum sector, ”The Quick Petroleum Directory” is issued twice a year in April and October. QUICK Petroleum Directory is a comprehensive reference tool that links your business with the petroleum world in Egypt, it includes contact information and lists of national & international companies operating in Egypt.



Gulf Oil and Gas

Gulf Oil and Gas (GOG) is the gateway to the oil and gas markets in the eastern hemisphere. Gulf Oil and Gas attracts thousands of professional regular visitors each day. With 50% of our audience defining themselves as engineers and another 25% in managerial roles, we deliver a captive audience of professionals responsible for specifying projects and making purchasing decisions. GOG 3D Projects service tracks information for 2000+ projects across the Middle East, Asia and Africa. GOG career center is dedicated to assisting organizations in building their engineering and technical resources.




PETROFFINDER is the leading and young company which is providing the most advanced platform for the real time trading and auction solutions for international Oil & gas industries and major physical markets. Please find our introduction and services as follows :

1. B-to-B Online Trading Platform in Energy Sector.

2. Trading & Brokerage, Marketing and Consulting Services.

3. Online PR and Advertising Services.

4. Global Recruitment and Energy Expert Finding Services.

For more information about PETROFINDER, please visit our website Or contact to




Energyworld is a B2B magazine and website ( & exclusively for the energy market affairs in Southeastern Europe and in Eastern Mediterranean.Through its long term publication has managed to become the most necessary advisory media for the business executives who want to know first the latest developments in the energy sector in the Balcan Peninsula. The readers of the magazine have the opportunity to read and study reportages, interviews and detailed articles. The followers of the website will not miss a minut of the energy developments reading the most reliable andcurrent energy affairs. Our digital platform includes an interactive website and magazine experience that will bring your inside the world of Oil & Gas, Electricity , Renewables, legal insight and green tech including comprehensive analysis about each sector.Anyone who seeks to be informed about the future of energy market can rely on Energyworld Magazine & Website.






ValvesToday is an independent information platform with Valve information from Valve manufacturers and suppliers worldwide direct to clients and end-users 24/7 worldwide. 
Suppliers to users and users to suppliers, sounds simple, is simple!
Find the valve possibilities ValvesToday can offer;

  • Unlimited Valve products registrations and promotions

  • Latest Valve News and developments

  • Request for Quotations from our Valve worldwide users and end-users 

  • Discussions between Valve suppliers and users worldwide

  • International Calendar with all Valve related events and exhibitions 

  • Client quick search to find your specific Valves easy and quick.

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* Energy Global News


energy global news”, a privately owned energy news and advertising medium, aims to provide the oil and gas professional and non-professional public with regular updates related to the adventure of the quest for energy, this in a concise way that is easily accessible at a glance by anyone. “energy global news” supports and promotes the oil and gas industry world and its various actors, as well as all types of fossil and renewable energy.



Naftika Chronika


Naftika Chronika, the Greek shipping magazine for 87 years.

  • Award winning magazine.

  • Reaches all the major Greek shipping companies based in Greece and Cyprus. 

  • Eight editions in the Greek language per year, three in English.

  • Efkranti awards 

  • the most distinguished website specialising exclusively in the shipping industry, 288.000 unique users.

  • Biweekly newsletter

  • portal dedicated to maritime career and education.



Project Cargo Network (PCN)


Project Cargo Network (PCN) is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified organisation established to provide a networking platform for the world’s top project cargo specialists. Our Members handle the transportation of oversized and heavy items or shipments that consist of complex components that must be disassembled, shipped and then re-assembled. They offer project cargo management for engineering, procurement and construction companies servicing energy, mining, chemical, petrochemical, pipeline, infrastructure and other sectors. Our fast-growing organisation comprises of 220+ specialists in 105+ countries.





Is the largest and most comprehensive Internet platform dedicated to gaseous motor fuels, launched in Poland in 2007. Latest news, well founded information, comments from key people in the LPG/CNG business, product showcases and exhaustively explored technical and technological matters – all that makes gazeo a unique reference point for everybody interested in the LPG/CNG/LNG market all over the world.
The editors of have spent years in the field of alternative fuels and cars converted to run on LPG and CNG. This allows us to always deliver up-to-date information, which makes us a reliable resource for a broad range of readers. As a provider of organised knowledge, is an opinion-setting launchpad for informative and specialised radio and television programmes produced by e.g. the Polish Radio. We have also collaborated with international trade organisations and media, including the WLPGA (World LP Gas Association) and the AEGPL (European LP Gas Association).



* is Poland's largest internet portal dedicated to the promotion of methane as an eco-friendly, low-cost and available gas fuel for local governments, businesses and the automotive industry. News, verified information, industry opinions, product presentations and in-depth technical issues are our domain. is an excellent partner for cooperation on the domestic methane fuel market. 9 years of active activity, extensive experience in the background
The portal is created by an experienced and well-coordinated team divided into four sections: editorial, customer service, video and IT. The editors have several years of experience in the automotive industry and alternative gas fuels. 





Its no more than three years that has come online and it has already win the bet of media in the field of energy, business and economy. With strong foundation the deep experience - for over 25 years - that the journalists and executives have, is now a reference point for the market with over 6 million pageviews per month. 
Exclusive news from the whole spectrum of financial news, freedom of speech, commentary,analysis from specialized partners, to the point news flow and video posts are only some of the available tools that our readers are able to use in order to deep dive into the - crucial for the economy - energy domain. We cover on a daily basis all updates around Exclusive Economy Zone and the investment initiatives for the research and production of hydrocarbons in Agean Sea, Ionion Sea, Crete and Cyprus. We highlight the geo-strategic position of Greece and Cyprus and we support all those important initiatives that set the two countries in the center of this energy crossroad between West, East, North and South. We stand by the consumer who reaches out for cheaper and more efficient solutions while we support initiatives that contribute to the protection of nature, being environmental friendly. 
Our moto is that moves the economy!


Easy Engineering


Easy Engineering magazine is the first worldwide provider of news and videos for the large industry such as: construction, construction machinery, electronics, technology, data centers, science and so on.

High quality standards

Easy Engineering sets new standards in terms of editorial content and cutting edge graphics. The editorial staff is composed of passionate worldwide journalists with over 10 years of experience in the specialized press.

Innovative content distribution

It has never been easier to get the information directly to our readers. Worldwide social media coverage ensures the information travels quickly and efficiently, in a blink of an eye. The main directions are: social media, direct mailing, newsletters, websites, phone and tablet apps and many more.To reach your desired audience we use social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram where we sponsor our updates.

Worldwide leaders

The editorial plan is varied, reaching more many industries and making interesting connections between them being the first in the world that brings together all these areas in one place so the reader can find the answer to all his questions.

Complex promotional packages

Due to the complex promotion packages we managed to create an innovative network of content distribution. The content can either be created by us or can be only distributed. Besides the article creation and distribution we also create high quality video productions, from on-site reports to documentaries and corporate presentation films. With a monthly audience coverage of over 200.000, our content goes easy and fast exactly to the right place.


Founded in Romania, in 2012, as a print magazine with a companion website, the Easy Engineering brand has grown into a worldwide provider of news and videos for the large industry with an audience of over 200.000 readers per month.What sets Easy Engineering apart is the truly unique audience composed from entrepreneurs, engineers, decision makers, scientists, all of whom strive to be well-informed.

Some of our clients:

Bosch, Ridgid, Volvo Construction Equipment, Volkswagen, Goodyear, Pakelo Lubricants, SDMO, Bucher Municipal and many others.

Enquire about Advertising

Please email us or call us at +40 767290362.




* Ship2Shore


Ship2Shore is one of the most successful on-line magazines in the Mediterranean region and the leading news provider in Italy exploring the financial, economical, political and legal aspects of the transports industry.
News are published daily on the website, grouped into macro-categories (shipping & shipyards, ports & services, logistics & intermodal transport, energy & offshore, others) to help readers finding easily and quickly what they need.A weekly pdf magazine, published on Monday and announced by a newsletter, offers a complete overview of the most important topics as well as in-depth analysis, interviews and further stories; periodic Special Features complete the information offer.

Thanks to accurate and high quality information that can be consulted directly on desktops and mobile devices, Ship2Shore is a useful working tool for being regularly updated as well as an effective means for web advertising. A free trial is available by signing up on


Info: Mrs Sabrina Carozzino - T: +39 010 2517945 - Email:


* is a portal for shipping professionals worldwide in both Greek and English. has always met the ever growing demand for critical information and is considered a complete channel of information on shipping. It is also recognized for its exclusive interviews with highly respected professionals and decision-makers in the day to day operations and the future of Greek Shipping.
An additional emphasis is given in web TV with selected programs as well as the general televised coverage and advertisement.





The reason for the existence of was to reduce the complexity, confusion, and overload of information on UAV, Drone, Unmanned and Quadcopter by creating a unique website which is designed and structured purposefully to help the users to understand and study the drone in a practical way. All of this information, news, reviews, guides, and videos are 100% free to access, read and collaborate, The main reason behind it offers free knowledge of drone throughout the Internet.
We believe that Drones are one of the most significant innovations of this century and it has touched many peoples lives through entertainment, careers and ultimately saving human lives. With My Dear Drone discover how it can be part of your life to improve your life and ultimately improve the world. So come and experience the World of UAV with us. It is nothing like you have ever seen or experienced before. 



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